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Equality Fest Jr., 2020

Watch author Sarah Petrosky perform a special reading for Equality Fest, Jr., 2020. The event supported LGBTQIA+ youth in and York County, PA.

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"An endearing, fun-filled, and oh so relatable reading experience! Hazel and friends are sure to inspire kindness, compassion, and connection. A must read, especially for young learners."

Kris Tucker, 2nd/3rd Grade Humane Education Guide

"This book is nicely done and I enjoyed a lot of things about the style and the story. The art is cute and compelling and young readers and their grown-ups will enjoy reading it...  It is clever to use this type of story to explore themes of emotional uncertainty, self-doubt, encountering new things, new friends and surroundings – things that young children will easily really relate to... The story’s lesson isn’t too obvious either, which I very much appreciated. All in all, well done and a great book to add to a reading collection."

The Magic of Making Friends is a book with a very relatable theme, it is enjoyable for both kids and adults and provides such a warm message!

Holly, 6th grade educator

Judge, 28th Annual Writer’s Digest

Self-Published Book Awards.